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Main Entry: 1warm
Pronunciation: primarystresswodot(schwa)rm
Function: adjective
1 a : having or giving off heat to a moderate or adequate degree <warm food> <a warm stove> b : serving to keep in heat (as of the body) <warm clothes> c : feeling or causing sensations of heat <warm from exertion> <a long warm walk>
2 a : showing or marked by strong feeling : ARDENT <a warm hug> b : marked by tense excitement or anger <a warm political campaign>
3 : marked by or tending toward injury, distress, or pain <gave the enemy a warm reception>
4 a : newly made : FRESH <a warm scent> b : near to a goal, answer, or object sought <not there yet but getting warm>
5 : of a color in the range yellow to orange to red
- warm·ly adverb
- warm·ness noun

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