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Main Entry: 1what
Pronunciation: (primarystress)hwät, (primarystress)hwschwat, (primarystress)wät, (primarystress)wschwat
Function: pronoun
1 a : which thing or things <what happened?> b : which sort of thing or person <what is this?> <what are they -- doctors?>
2 -- used to ask one to repeat something said but not properly heard or understood <you said what?>
3 -- used to express surprise or excitement <what, no breakfast?>
4 -- used to direct attention to something that the speaker is about to say <you know what?>
5 : that which <do what you're told>
6 : 1WHATEVER 1 <say what you will>
- what for : 1WHY
- what have you : 1WHATNOT
- what if
1 : what would happen if <what if they find out?>
2 : what does it matter if <so what if they do? I don't care>

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