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Main Entry: 1will
Pronunciation: wschwal, (schwa)l, schwal, (primarystress)wil
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): past would /wschwad, (schwa)d, (primarystress)wudotd/; present singular & plural will
1 : 1WISH 1 <call it what you will>
2 -- used as a helping verb to express (1) desire, willingness, or in negative sentences refusal <will you have another> <no one would do it> <they won't stop>, (2) regular or usual action <will get angry over nothing>, (3) future action <tomorrow we will go shopping>, (4) capacity or ability <the back seat will hold three people>, (5) determination or willfulness <I will go despite the weather>, (6) inevitability <accidents will happen>, or (7) a command <you will do as I say>

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