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Main Entry: 1weave
Pronunciation: primarystresswemacronv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): wove /primarystresswomacrv /; or weaved; wo·ven /primarystresswomacr-vschwan /; or weaved; weav·ing
1 a : to form by lacing together strands of material; especially : to make on a loom by lacing together threads going lengthwise with threads going crosswise <weave cloth> b : to form into a fabric <weave wool into tweeds>
2 : 1SPIN 2b <a caterpillar weaves a cocoon>
3 a : to make by or as if by lacing together parts <wove an exciting adventure tale> b : to insert as a part : work in <weave a moral into a tale>
4 : to move back and forth or from side to side <weaving his way through a crowd of holiday shoppers>

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