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Main Entry: write
Pronunciation: primarystressrimacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): wrote /primarystressromacrt/; writ·ten /primarystressrit-schwan /; also writ /primarystressrit/; writ·ing /primarystressrimacrt-ieng/
1 : to form letters or words on a surface with an instrument (as a pen or pencil) <learn to read and write>
2 : to form the letters or the words of (as on paper) <write your name> <write a check>
3 : to spell in writing <words written alike but pronounced differently>
4 : to put down on paper : express in writing <write what you felt about the circus>
5 a : to make up and set down for others to read <write a book> b : to compose music
6 : to write a letter to <write your senator>
7 : to communicate by letter <writes that they are coming>
8 : to transfer information in a computer to a storage area or output device

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