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Main Entry: 3work
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): worked /primarystresswschwarkt /; or wrought /primarystressrodott/; work·ing
Etymology: Old English wyrcan "to create, cause to happen, shape"
1 : to bring about : EFFECT <work a cure>
2 a : to prepare by stirring or shaping <work dough> b : to bring into a desired form by a manufacturing process <work cold steel>
3 : to set or keep in motion or operation <a pump worked by hand>
4 : to solve by reasoning or figuring <work an arithmetic problem>
5 a : to cause to labor <worked the crew hard> b : to make use of : EXPLOIT <work a mine>
6 : to pay for with labor <work off a debt>
7 a : to get into or out of a state or position by stages <worked the boat loose> b : CONTRIVE 3, arrange <work it so that you can leave soon>
8 : EXCITE 1, provoke <worked myself into a rage>
9 a : to make an effort especially for a long period b : to perform a task requiring extended effort or repeated operations c : to perform work regularly for wages <works in advertising>
10 : to function or operate properly <hinges work better with oil>
11 : to produce a desired effect : SUCCEED <my plan worked>
12 : to move gradually into a certain position or state <the knot worked loose>
- work on : to try to influence or persuade <working on them to change their votes>
synonyms WORK, LABOR, TOIL mean to exert oneself at a physical or mental task. WORK applies to any effort, pleasant or not, that achieves a goal <worked to discover a cure>. LABOR applies especially to physical work that is often hard and unpleasant <labored for weeks to harvest all the crops>. TOIL applies to work that is long, hard, and very tiring <toiled all day in the hot sun>.

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