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Main Entry: 1beat
Pronunciation: primarystressbemacront
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): beat; beat·en /primarystressbemacront-schwan /; or beat; beat·ing
1 a : to hit again and again <beat a drum> <rain beating on the roof> -- often used with up <two bullies beat him up> b : to flap against <wings beating the air> c : to mix by stirring : WHIP <beat two eggs>
2 a : to drive or force by blows <beat off the intruder> b : to make by walking or riding over <beat a path> c : to shape by blows <beat gold into thin strips>
3 : to cause to strike or flap repeatedly <birds beating their wings>
4 a : to win against : DEFEAT b : 1BAFFLE 1 <it beats me where they are> c : SURPASS 1 <can you beat that?>
5 a : to act ahead of <beat me to the punch> b : to arrive before <beat us home>
6 : to measure or mark off by strokes <beat time to the music>
7 : to glare or strike harshly <the sun beats down>
8 : PULSATE, THROB <the heart beating>
- beat·er noun
- beat about the bush or beat around the bush : to fail to get to the point
- beat a retreat : to leave in haste
- beat it : to hurry away : SCRAM
- beat up on : to attack physically or verbally <beat up on the candidate in compaign ads>

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