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Main Entry: 1catch
Pronunciation: primarystresskach, primarystresskech
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): caught /primarystresskodott/; catch·ing
Etymology: Middle English cacchen "to catch," from early French cacher "to hunt," derived from Latin captare "to chase," from capere "to take" --related to CAPTURE
1 a : to capture or seize in flight or motion <catch butterflies> <catch a ball> b : 2TRAP 1a
2 a : to discover unexpectedly <was caught in the act> b : to stop suddenly <caught himself before he gave away the secret>
3 : to take hold of : SNATCH
4 a : to get entangled <catch a sleeve on a nail> b : to have the parts connect firmly <this lock will not catch> c : to attach, join, or fasten tightly
5 : to fall sick with <catch a cold>
6 : to take or get for a short time or quickly <catch a glimpse of a friend> <catch a little sleep>
7 a : to catch up to <will have to hurry to catch the leaders> b : to get aboard in time <catch the bus>
8 : UNDERSTAND 1a <didn't catch what she said>
9 : to play baseball as a catcher
- catch fire
1 : to begin to burn
2 : to become excited or exciting
- catch one's breath : to pause or rest long enough to regain normal breathing
synonyms CATCH, CAPTURE, TRAP, SNARE mean to come to possess or control by seizing. CATCH suggests the taking of something that is moving, flying, or hiding <catch that dog>. CAPTURE suggests taking only after overcoming resistance or difficulty <finally captured the fort after many days>. TRAP and SNARE suggest the use of a device that catches by surprise and then holds the prey <trapped bears and other wild animals> <trying to snare fish with nets>.

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