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Main Entry: dis·trib·ute
Pronunciation: dis-primarystresstrib-yschwat
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -ut·ed; -ut·ing
1 : to divide among several or many <distributed the food to the needy>
2 : to spread out so as to cover something : SCATTER
3 : to give out or deliver especially to members of a group <distribute the directions to the class> <distribute newspapers>
4 : to divide or separate especially into kinds
synonyms DISTRIBUTE, DISPENSE, DIVIDE, DOLE mean to give out usually in shares to each member of a group. DISTRIBUTE suggests the giving out of something by separating it into parts, units, or amounts <distributed the art supplies to the class>. DISPENSE suggests the giving of a carefully measured portion <dispensed the medicine to the patients>. DIVIDE stresses the separation of a whole into usually equal parts <divided the money that they had earned together>. DOLE suggests a carefully measured portion of something in short supply <slowly doled out the last of the food>.

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