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Main Entry: 1follow
Pronunciation: primarystressfäl-omacr
Function: verb
1 : to go or come after or behind
2 : to be guided by : OBEY <follow your conscience> <follow instructions>
3 : to go after or on the track of <follow that car>
4 : to go along <follow a path>
5 : to work in or at something as a business or way of life <follow the sea>
6 : to come after in order of rank or natural sequence <two follows one>
7 : to keep one's attention fixed on <follow a speech>
8 : to result from something <fame followed the captain's success> <from the evidence given, it follows that the accused is guilty>
synonym see CHASE
- follow suit
1 : to play a card of the same suit as the card led
2 : to follow an example set

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