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Main Entry: knowl·edge
Pronunciation: primarystressnäl-ij
Function: noun
1 : understanding or skill gained by experience <a knowledge of carpentry>
2 a : the state of being aware of something or of having information b : the range of one's information or understanding <answered to the best of my knowledge>
3 : something learned and kept in the mind : LEARNING <has a vast knowledge of history>
synonyms KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING, SCHOLARSHIP mean what is known or can be known by a person or by human beings in general. KNOWLEDGE applies to facts or ideas acquired by study, observation, or experience <gained a knowledge of horses in growing up on a ranch>. LEARNING applies to knowledge gained usually through formal schooling especially at an advanced level <a college professor of great learning>. SCHOLARSHIP suggests the learning of an advanced scholar in a specialized field of study <a history book that shows much scholarship on the part of the author>.

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