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Main Entry: 1loose
Pronunciation: primarystresslüs
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): loos·er; loos·est
1 a : not firmly fastened or securely attached <a loose tooth> b : no longer attached <a boat loose from its moorings> c : not tight-fitting
2 a : not shut in, tied up, or held back <a lion loose in the streets> b : not brought together in a bundle, container, or binding <loose sheets of pages>
3 : not dense or compact <loose dirt> <cloth of loose weave>
4 : not respectable : IMMORAL <loose conduct>
5 : not tightly drawn or stretched : SLACK
6 : not exact or careful <a loose guess>
- loose adverb
- loose·ly adverb
- loose·ness noun

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