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Main Entry: 1sign
Pronunciation: primarystresssimacrn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English signe "a gesture that conveys a thought or command," from early French signe (same meaning), from Latin signum "mark, sign, image" --related to DESIGNATE, 3SEAL, 1SIGNAL, SIGNIFICANT
1 a : a motion, action, or movement of the hand by which a thought is expressed or a command or wish made known <made a sign for them to be quiet> b : 1SIGNAL 1 c : SIGN LANGUAGE
2 : a mark having a generally understood meaning and used in place of words
3 : one of the 12 parts of the zodiac
4 a : a symbol (as a flat or sharp) used in musical notation b : a symbol (as ÷ or <sqroot>) indicating a mathematical operation; also : one of two symbols + and - characterizing a number as positive or negative
5 : a public notice that advertises something or gives information
6 a : something that indicates what is present or is to come <no sign of life> <first signs of spring> b : something that provides evidence of plant or animal disease
synonyms SIGN, MARK, TOKEN, NOTE, SYMPTOM mean an indication of something that is not readily perceived. SIGN applies to any indication that can be perceived by the senses or by reason <encouraging signs for business>. MARK suggests something characteristic of a thing in contrast to general outward appearance <a mark of good upbringing>. TOKEN applies to something serving as proof of a thing that is without physical form <a token of my affection>. NOTE suggests a distinguishing mark or characteristic <a note of sarcasm in her voice>. SYMPTOM suggests an outward indication of an inward change or condition <frequent arguments were a symptom of their growing dislike for one another>.

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