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Main Entry: sit
Pronunciation: primarystresssit
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): sat /primarystresssat/; sitĚting
1 a : to rest on the buttocks or haunches <sit in a chair> b : to cause to be seated <sit yourself down> c : 2PERCH 2, roost
2 : to provide seats or seating room for <the car sits five people>
3 : to occupy a place as a member of an official body <sit in Congress>
4 : to hold a session <the court is now sitting>
5 : to cover eggs for hatching : 2BROOD 1
6 : to pose for a portrait or photograph : serve as a model
7 : to lie or rest in a condition or location <the vase sits on the table>
8 : to remain inactive <the car sits in the garage>
- sit on one's hands : to fail to take action
- sit pretty : to be in a highly favorable situation
- sit tight : to keep one's position without change

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