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Main Entry: 1soft
Pronunciation: primarystresssodotft
Function: adjective
1 a : having a pleasing, comfortable, or soothing effect : GENTLE, MILD <soft breezes> b : not bright or glaring <soft lighting> c : pleasing to the ear : quiet in pitch or volume <soft voices> d : smooth or delicate in appearance or feel <a soft silk>
2 : demanding little effort : EASY <a soft job>
3 : sounding as in ace and gem -- used of c and g
4 : gently or gradually curved or rounded : not harsh or jagged <soft hills>
5 a : having a mild gentle disposition : DOCILE b : showing sympathetic understanding <took a soft stand toward the rebels>
6 : lacking in strength : FEEBLE <soft from easy living>
7 : mentally weak
8 a : yielding to physical pressure <a soft mattress> <soft metals such as lead> b : not as hard as others of its kind
9 : free from substances (as calcium and magnesium salts) that prevent lathering of soap <soft water>
10 : occurring at such a speed and in such a way that a destructive crash is avoided <a soft landing on the moon>
- soft·ly adverb
- soft·ness /primarystresssodotf(t)-nschwas/ noun

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