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Main Entry: subĚtle
Pronunciation: primarystresssschwat-schwal
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): subĚtler /primarystresssschwat-lschwar, -schwal-schwar/; subĚtlest /primarystresssschwat-lschwast, -schwal-schwast/
Etymology: Middle English sotil, subtile "delicate," from early French sotil (same meaning), from Latin subtilis "delicate," literally, "finely woven," from sub "under, close to" and tela "fabric woven on a loom"
1 a : DELICATE 1, elusive <a subtle fragrance> b : difficult to understand or distinguish <subtle differences in vowel sounds>
2 : marked by a keen ability to understand <a subtle mind>
3 : SLY 1a, crafty <subtle flattery>
4 : working slowly but effectively : INSIDIOUS <a subtle poison>
- subĚtleĚness /primarystresssschwat-schwal-nschwas/ noun
- subĚtly /primarystresssschwat-lemacron, primarystresssschwat-schwal-(l)emacron/ adverb

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