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Main Entry: 1tenĚder
Pronunciation: primarystressten-dschwar
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English tender "tender, fragile," from early French tendre (same meaning), from Latin tener "having a soft yielding texture, tender, young"
1 : having a soft or yielding quality <tender steak>
2 a : physically weak : DELICATE <a tender plant> b : IMMATURE, YOUNG <children of tender years>
3 : LOVING, AFFECTIONATE <a tender look>
4 : showing care : CONSIDERATE
5 : not harsh or stern : GENTLE, MILD <tender irony>
6 : sensitive to touch : very easily hurt <a tender bruise>
7 : demanding careful and sensitive handling <a tender subject>
- tenĚderĚly adverb
- tenĚderĚness noun

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