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Main Entry: 2-er
Pronunciation: schwar; after some vowels, often r
Variant(s): also -ier /emacron-schwar, yschwar /; or -yer /yschwar/
Function: noun suffix
Etymology: derived from Old English -ere and Latin -arius (both noun suffixes)
1 a : person connected with a particular job or occupation <furrier> <lawyer> b : person or thing belonging to or associated with <old-timer> c : native of <New Yorker> : resident of <cottager> d : one that has <double-decker> e : one that produces or yields <porker>
2 a : one that does or performs (a specified action) <reporter> b : one that is a suitable object of (a specified action) <broiler>
3 : one that is <foreigner>

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