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Main Entry: ac·ti·vate
Pronunciation: primarystressak-tschwa-secondarystressvamacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -vat·ed; -vat·ing
1 : to make active
2 : to make (as molecules) more chemically active
3 : to make (a substance) give off radioactive particles, give off light at low temperatures, be easily affected by light, or carry an electric charge under the influence of light or other electromagnetic radiation
4 : to treat (as carbon or alumina) so as to improve the amount of adsorption
5 : to place on active military duty <activate the reserves>
- ac·ti·va·tion /secondarystressak-tschwa-primarystressvamacr-shschwan/ noun
- ac·ti·va·tor /primarystressak-tschwa-secondarystressvamacrt-schwar/ noun

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