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Main Entry: adĚapĚtaĚtion
Pronunciation: secondarystressad-secondarystressap-primarystresstamacr-shschwan, -schwap-
Function: noun
1 a : the act or process of adapting b : the state of being adapted
2 : adjustment to environmental conditions: as a : adjustment of a sense organ to the degree or quality of stimulation b : change in an organism or its parts that fits it better for the conditions of its environment; also : a structure resulting from this change
3 : something that is adapted; especially : a composition rewritten into a new form
- adĚapĚtaĚtionĚal /-shnschwal, -shschwan-schwal/ adjective
- adĚapĚtaĚtionĚalĚly /-emacron/ adverb

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