One entry found for adulterate.
Main Entry: adul·ter·ate
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystressdschwal-tschwa-secondarystressramacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -at·ed; -at·ing
Etymology: from Latin adulterare "to make impure," from ad- "to" and alter "other" --related to ALTER
: to make impure or weaker by adding an unnecessary or lower-grade substance; especially : to prepare for sale by using in whole or in part a substance that reduces value or strength
- adul·ter·a·tion /schwa-secondarystressdschwal-tschwa-primarystressramacr-shschwan/ noun
- adul·ter·a·tor /schwa-primarystressdschwal-tschwa-secondarystressramacrt-schwar/ noun

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