One entry found for aerate.
Main Entry: aerˇate
Pronunciation: primarystressa(-schwa)r-secondarystressamacrt, primarystresse(-schwa)r-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): aerˇatˇed; aerˇatˇing
1 : to expose to or supply or fill to the limit with air <aerate the soil>
2 : to supply (blood) with oxygen by respiration
3 : to combine or fill with gas
- aerˇaˇtion /secondarystressa(-schwa)r-primarystressamacr-shschwan, secondarystresse(-schwa)r-/ noun
- aerˇaˇtor /primarystressa(-schwa)r-secondarystressamacrt-schwar, primarystresse(-schwa)r-/ noun

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