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Main Entry: ap·pre·ci·ate
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystresspremacron-shemacron-secondarystressamacrt, schwa-primarystressprish-emacron-secondarystressamacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -at·ed; -at·ing
Etymology: from Latin appretiatus "having put a value on," derived from ap-, ad- "to" and pretium "price" --related to PRICE
1 : to see the worth, quality, or significance of <appreciate the difference between right and wrong>
2 : to admire highly <appreciates the artist's work>
3 : to be fully aware of <must experience it to appreciate it>
4 : to be grateful for <we appreciate your help>
5 : to increase in number or value <savings appreciate over time>
- ap·pre·ci·a·tion /schwa-secondarystresspremacron-shemacron-primarystressamacr-shschwan, -secondarystressprish-emacron-/ noun
- ap·pre·cia·tive /schwa-primarystresspremacron-shschwat-iv, -secondarystressprish-schwat-/ adjective
- ap·pre·cia·tive·ly adverb
- ap·pre·cia·tive·ness noun

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