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Main Entry: ar·ti·fi·cial
Pronunciation: secondarystressärt-schwa-primarystressfish-schwal
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English artificial "made or done by humans rather than occurring in nature," from early French artificiel (same meaning) or Latin artificialis "contrived by art," from Latin artificium "skill, artistry, craft," derived from arti- (from art-, ars "skill") and facere "to make, do" --related to FASHION, MANUFACTURE, PERFECT
1 : made, produced, or performed by human beings often following a natural model or process <artificial flowers> <artificial pollination>
2 : not genuine or sincere : FORCED <an artificial smile>
- ar·ti·fi·ci·al·i·ty /secondarystressärt-schwa-secondarystressfish-emacron-primarystressal-schwat-emacron/ noun
- ar·ti·fi·cial·ly /secondarystressärt-schwa-primarystressfish-(schwa-)lemacron/ adverb

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