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Main Entry: as新ign
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystresssimacrn
Function: verb
1 : to give (as a title or right) to someone legally
2 : to pick for a specific use or job <assigned them to work in the kitchen>
3 : to give out as a portion or task <parts in the play were assigned to each person> <assign homework>
4 : to give a certain quality, role, or importance to <events assigned to certain periods of history> <assign number values to different letters>
- as新ign戢ble /schwa-primarystresssimacr-nschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- as新ign搪r /schwa-primarystresssimacr-nschwar/ or as新ign搗r /schwa-primarystresssimacr-nschwar; secondarystressas-schwa-primarystressnodot(schwa)r, secondarystressas-secondarystressimacr-, schwa-secondarystresssimacr-/ noun
- as新ign搶ent /schwa-primarystresssimacrn-mschwant/ noun

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