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Main Entry: 1bar
Pronunciation: primarystressbär
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English barre "bar," from early French barre (same meaning)
1 a : a straight piece (as of metal or wood) that is longer than it is wide b : a usually rectangular piece or block of material <a bar of soap>
2 : something that hinders or blocks : OBSTACLE
3 : a bank (as of sand) partly or entirely under water along a shore or in a river
4 a : the railing in a courtroom around the place where the business of the court is carried on b : a court of law c : the profession of law
5 : 3STRIPE 1
6 a : a counter on which alcoholic drinks or food is served b : BARROOM
7 a : a vertical line across the musical staff before the beginning of a measure b : 1MEASURE 4c
8 : 1STANDARD 2a <raise the bar for improving new medicines>
- behind bars : in jail

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