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Main Entry: 1base
Pronunciation: primarystressbamacrs
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural bas·es /primarystressbamacr-sschwaz/
1 a : a thing or part on which something rests : BOTTOM, FOUNDATION <the base of a lamp> b : the part of a plant or animal structure by which it is attached to another more central structure <the base of the thumb> c : one of the lines or flat surfaces of a geometric figure from which an altitude is or can be constructed <bases of a trapezoid>; especially : one on which the figure stands <base of a triangle>
2 : a main ingredient <paint having a water base>
3 : a fundamental part : BASIS
4 a : the place from which a start is made b : a line in a survey that is used to calculate distances or positions c : a place where a military force keeps its supplies or from which it starts its operations <naval base> <air base> d : a number equal to the number of units that would be equivalent to one in the next higher place in a given number system <in base 10 it takes 10 ones in the units place to equal a one in the tens place>; also : a system of writing numbers using a given base <convert base 10 to base 2> e : 1ROOT 5
5 a : the starting place or goal in various games b : any of the four stations a runner in baseball must touch in order to score
6 : any of various compounds that react with an acid to form a salt, have a bitter taste, and turn red litmus paper blue
7 : a number that is multiplied by a rate or of which a percentage or fraction is calculated <to find the interest on $90 at 10% multiply the base 90 by .10>
- based adjective
- base·less /primarystressbamacrs-lschwas/ adjective

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