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Main Entry: be
Pronunciation: (primarystress)bemacron
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): past first & 3rd singular was /(primarystress)wschwaz, primarystresswäz/; 2nd singular were /(primarystress)wschwar/; plural were past subjunctive were past participle been /(primarystress)bin, chiefly British (primarystress)bemacronn/; present participle be·ing /primarystressbemacron-ieng/; present first singular am /schwam, (primarystress)am/; 2nd singular are /schwar, (primarystress)är/; 3rd singular is /(primarystress)iz, schwaz/; plural are present subjunctive be
1 a : to have the same meaning as : serve as a sign for <January is the first month> <let x be 10> b : to have identity with <the first person I met was my brother> <she is my mother> c : to have the quality or character of <the leaves are green> d : to belong to the class of <the fish is a trout> <apes are mammals>
2 a : EXIST 1, live <I think, therefore I am> <there was an old woman who lived in a shoe> b : to occupy a place, situation, or position <the book is on the table> <I was sick> c : to remain undisturbed or uninterrupted -- used only in infinitive form <let it be> d : to take place : OCCUR <the concert was last night>
3 -- used with the past participle of transitive verbs to form the passive auxiliary <the money was found> <the house is being built>
4 -- used with the present participle to express continuous action <they are studying> <I have been sleeping>
5 -- used with the infinitive with to to express the future or something one must do <she was to become famous> <I am to leave today>

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