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Main Entry: 1by
Pronunciation: (primarystress)bimacr, especially before consonants bschwa
Function: preposition
1 : close to : NEAR <by the sea>
2 a : so as to go along or through <by a different route> <enter by the door> b : 2PAST 2 <went right by them>
3 a : AT, DURING <studied by night> b : not later than <be there by 2 p.m.>
4 : through the means or agency of <by force>
5 : ACCORDING TO 1 <by the rules> <called by a different name>
6 : with respect to <a doctor by profession>
7 : to or in the amount or length of <win by a nose> <sold by the pound>
8 : in a series of <walk two by two>
9 -- used as a function word in multiplication and division and in measurements <divide 6 by 2> <a room 15 feet by 20 feet>
10 : in the opinion of <it's fine by me>
- by oneself : 2ALONE 2

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