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Main Entry: 1case
Pronunciation: primarystresskamacrs
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English cas "situation needing action," from early French cas (same meaning), from Latin casus "fall, chance," from cadere "to fall, happen, come by chance"
1 : a situation requiring investigation, action, or consideration <a case for the police>
2 a : a form of a noun, pronoun, or adjective showing its grammatical relation to other words <the word "child's" in "a child's shirt" is in the possessive case> b : such a relation whether shown by change of form or not <the subject of a verb is in the nominative case>
3 : what actually exists or happens : FACT <thought he had failed, but that wasn't the case>
4 : a question or claim to be settled in a court of law
5 : a convincing argument <made a good case for accepting the plan>
6 a : an instance of disease or injury <a case of chicken pox> b : 2PATIENT
7 : EXAMPLE 3 <a case of injustice>
- in any case : no matter what happens <I'll probably go in any case>
- in case
1 : IF 1 <in case you couldn't figure it out from the first clue, here's a second>
2 : as a precaution <carry an umbrella just in case>
3 : as a precaution against the event that <have extra money in case we need it>
- in case of : in the event of <for use in case of fire>

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