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Main Entry: come
Pronunciation: (primarystress)kschwam
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): came /primarystresskamacrm/; come; com·ing /primarystresskschwam-ieng/
1 : to move toward or journey to something : APPROACH <come here> <come see us>
2 : to arrive at or enter a scene of action <the police came to our rescue>
3 a : to reach the point of being or becoming <the rope came untied> b : to add up : AMOUNT <the bill came to $10>
4 : to take place <the holiday came on Thursday>
5 : ORIGINATE 2, arise <comes from a fine family> <honey comes from bees>
6 : to be available <the dress comes in three colors>
7 : EXTEND 4, reach <a coat that comes to the knees>
8 a : to arrive at a place, end, result, or conclusion <came to their senses> <we now come to the next chapter> b : HAPPEN 5 <no harm will come to you>
9 : to fall within the range or limits of something <comes under the terms of the treaty>
10 : to turn out to be : BECOME <her dreams have come true>
- com·er /primarystresskschwam-schwar/ noun
- come across : to meet or find by chance
- come into one's own : to reach one's appropriate level of importance, skill, or recognition
- come over : to affect suddenly and strangely <what's come over you>
- come to pass : HAPPEN 2
- come upon : to meet or find by chance
- to come : existing or arriving in the future <in days to come>

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