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Main Entry: 1com·mand
Pronunciation: kschwa-primarystressmand
Function: verb
1 a : to issue orders by right of authority b : to have authority and control over : be commander of <command an army>
2 : to have for one's use <commands many resources>
3 : to demand or receive as one's due : EXACT <commands a high fee>
4 : to look down on especially from a militarily strong position <the hill commands the town>
synonyms COMMAND, DIRECT, INSTRUCT, CHARGE mean to issue orders. COMMAND suggests the use of authority and usually some degree of formality <the troops were commanded to march forward>. DIRECT suggests that obedience is expected and usually applies to specific procedures or methods <we were directed to write with pencils only>. INSTRUCT is similar to DIRECT but sometimes implies greater detail or formality <the judge instructed the jury to ignore the remark>. CHARGE suggests the assigning of a duty or responsibility <the principal is charged with keeping the school running smoothly>.

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