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Main Entry: 1comĚpound
Pronunciation: käm-primarystresspaudotnd, kschwam-; primarystresskäm-secondarystresspaudotnd
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English compounen "combine, compound," from early French compondre (same meaning), from Latin componere "compound, combine," from com- "with, together" and ponere "to place, put" --related to POSITION
1 : to put together or be joined to form a whole : COMBINE
2 : to form by combining parts <compound a medicine>
3 : to settle or adjust by agreement <compound a debt>
4 a : to pay in the form of compound interest <interest compounded quarterly> b : to add to <compounded our errors>
- comĚpoundĚable /-primarystresspaudotn-dschwa-bschwal, -secondarystresspaudotn-/ adjective
- comĚpoundĚer noun

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