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Main Entry: 1core
Pronunciation: primarystresskomacr(schwa)r, primarystresskodot(schwa)r
Function: noun
1 : a central or most important part
2 : the usually inedible central part of some fruits (as a pineapple or apple)
3 : a part removed from the interior of a mass especially to find out the interior composition or a hidden condition <took a core of rock>
4 a : a mass of iron used to concentrate and strengthen the magnetic field resulting from a current in a surrounding coil b : the memory of a computer
5 : the central part of the earth having different properties from those of the surrounding parts; also : the central part of a heavenly body
6 : an arrangement of studies that brings together material from subjects that are usually taught separately
7 : the place in a nuclear reactor where fission takes place

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