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Main Entry: 1dark
Pronunciation: primarystressdärk
Function: adjective
1 a : being without light or without much light <in winter it gets dark early> b : not giving off light <the dark side of the moon>
2 : not light in color <a dark suit> <dark blue>
3 : not bright and cheerful : GLOOMY <look on the dark side of things>
4 : being without knowledge and culture : IGNORANT <a dark period in history>
5 : 1SECRET 1a <kept their plans dark>
6 : not clear to the understanding <puzzled us with his dark sayings>
- darkˇish /primarystressdär-kish/ adjective
- darkˇly /-klemacron/ adverb
- darkˇness /primarystressdärk-nschwas/ noun

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