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Main Entry: de·gree
Pronunciation: di-primarystressgremacron
Function: noun
1 : a step or stage in a process or series <advance by degrees>
2 a : the intensity of something as measured by degrees <murder in the first degree> b : one of the forms used in the comparison of an adjective or adverb
3 : a rank or grade of official or social position <persons of high degree>
4 a : a grade of membership in an order or society b : a title given a student by a college, university, or professional school upon completion of a program of study <a degree of doctor of medicine> c : an academic title granted to honor a person who is not a student
5 : one of the divisions marked on a measuring instrument (as a thermometer)
6 : a unit of measure for angles and arcs that for angles is equal to an angle with its vertex at the center of a circle and its sides cutting off 1/360 of the circumference and that for an arc of a circle is equal to 1/360 of the circumference
7 a : a line or space of the musical staff b : a step, note, or tone of a musical scale
- to a degree
1 : to a remarkable extent
2 : in a small way
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