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Main Entry: 1di·vide
Pronunciation: dschwa-primarystressvimacrd
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): di·vid·ed; di·vid·ing
1 a : to separate into two or more parts or pieces b : to separate into classes or categories c : 2CLEAVE, PART
2 a : to give out in shares b : to own or use in common : SHARE
3 : to cause to be separate, different, or apart from one another
4 a : to perform or use in mathematical division b : to subject (a number) to the operation of finding how many times it contains another number <divide 42 by 14> c : to use as a divisor <divide 14 into 42>
5 a : to undergo cell division <the cell divides> b : 2BRANCH 2, fork

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