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Main Entry: 1dry
Pronunciation: primarystressdrimacr
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): dri·er /primarystressdrimacr(-schwa)r/; dri·est /primarystressdrimacr-schwast/
1 : free or nearly free from liquid and especially water <dry weight> <dry steam>
2 : characterized by loss or lack of water: as a : lacking precipitation and humidity <a dry climate> b : lacking freshness : STALE c : low in or deprived of natural juices or moisture <dry hay> <a dry fruit>
3 : not being in or under water <dry land>
4 a : THIRSTY 1 b : marked by the absence of alcoholic beverages <a dry party> c : no longer damp or sticky <the paint is dry>
5 : containing or using no liquid (as water) <a dry creek> <dry heat>
6 : not giving milk <a dry cow>
7 : not producing phlegm <dry cough>
8 : not producing or yielding what is expected or wanted <a dry oil well>
9 : marked by a matter-of-fact, ironic, or terse manner of expression <dry humor>
10 : failing to arouse interest or enthusiasm <a dry lecture>
11 : not sweet <dry wines>
12 : relating to, favoring, or practicing prohibition of alcoholic beverages <a dry county>
- dry·ly or dri·ly adverb
- dry·ness noun

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