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Main Entry: 1fair
Pronunciation: primarystressfa(schwa)r, primarystressfe(schwa)r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Old English fæger "pleasing to the eye or mind"
1 : attractive in appearance : BEAUTIFUL <our fair city>
2 a : 1CLEAN 2, pure <fair sparkling water> b : 1CLEAR 3, legible <make a fair copy>
3 : not stormy or cloudy <fair weather>
4 a : UNBIASED, JUST <wanted fair treatment> b : observing the rules : ALLOWED <fair play> c : open to lawful pursuit or attack <fair game>
5 a : PROMISING, LIKELY <a fair chance of winning> b : favorable to a ship's course <a fair wind>
6 : not dark <fair skin>
7 : neither good nor bad <did a fair job>
- fair·ness noun

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