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Main Entry: 1fit
Pronunciation: primarystressfit
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): fitĚter; fitĚtest
Etymology: Middle English fit "suitable to a particular purpose"
1 : suitable for a particular purpose <water fit for drinking>; especially : so adapted to the environment as to be capable of surviving -- often used in the phrase survival of the fittest
2 : acceptable from a particular point of view : PROPER <a movie fit for the whole family>
3 : 1READY 1, prepared <get the ship fit for sea>
4 : QUALIFIED 1, competent <fit for the job>
5 : sound physically and mentally : HEALTHY
- fitĚness noun
synonyms FIT, PROPER, SUITABLE, APPROPRIATE mean right with respect to the nature, condition, or use of the thing referred to. FIT suggests that something has been made right or is qualified for use or action <a rebuilt bike now fit for riding>. PROPER suggests that something is right because of its basic nature <a proper diet> or because it agrees with some custom or rule <proper dress is required>. SUITABLE suggests that something meets the requirements of the situation <find a suitable container for the mixture>. APPROPRIATE suggests that something is unusually or especially suitable for the purpose <furniture that would be appropriate in a large living room>.

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