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Main Entry: 1for
Pronunciation: fschwar, (primarystress)fodot(schwa)r
Function: preposition
1 -- used to indicate a purpose <money for lunch>, an intended goal <left for work>, or an object of one's desire <now for a good rest>
2 : as being <do you take me for a fool> <eggs for breakfast>
3 : because of <cried for joy>
4 a : in support of <fighting for their country> b -- used to indicate suitability or fitness <it's not for me to say> <medicine for an illness> c : so as to bring about a certain state <shouted the news for all to hear>
5 a : in place of <go to the store for me> b : as the equal or equivalent of in an exchange or loan <paid $10 for a hat>
6 : in spite of <unconvinced for all the clever arguments>
7 : with respect to : CONCERNING <had an eye for news>
8 -- used to indicate equality or proportion <point for point> <tall for your age>
9 -- used to indicate length of time or extent of space <waited for several hours>
10 : 2AFTER 3a <named for my grandmother>

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