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Main Entry: 1grace
Pronunciation: primarystressgramacrs
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English grace "help from God," from early French grace (same meaning), from Latin gratia "favor, charm, thanks," from gratus "pleasing, thankful, agreeable" --related to AGREE, CONGRATULATE, GRACIOUS, GRATITUDE
1 a : help given to people by God in overcoming temptation b : a state of freedom from sin enjoyed through divine grace
2 : a short prayer at a meal
3 a : APPROVAL, FAVOR <stayed in the boss's good graces> b : a special favor : PRIVILEGE c : a temporary delay granted from the performance of an obligation (as the payment of a debt)
4 a : a charming trait or quality b : ease of movement <walks with grace>
5 -- used as a title for a duke, a duchess, or an archbishop
- grace·ful /-fschwal/ adjective
- grace·ful·ly /-fschwa-lemacron/ adverb
- grace·ful·ness noun

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