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Main Entry: 1grain
Pronunciation: primarystressgramacrn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English grain, grein "kernel, seed," from early French grain "cereal plant" and early French graine "seed," both derived from Latin granum "grain, seed" --related to GARNET, GRENADE, POMEGRANATE --see Word History at GARNET
1 a : the edible seed or seedlike fruit of grasses that are cereals (as wheat, Indian corn, or oats) b : the threshed seed or fruits of various food plants (as cereal grasses, flax, peas, or sugarcane) c : plants producing grain
2 a : a small hard particle <a grain of sand> b : the least amount possible <a grain of truth>
3 : a unit of weight based on the weight of a grain of wheat -- see MEASURE table
4 a : the arrangement of fibers in wood b : appearance or feel due to the particles or fibers of which something is composed <the grain of a rock> c : the direction of threads in cloth
5 : natural disposition : TEMPER <making excuses goes against my grain>
- grained /primarystressgramacrnd/ adjective
- grainy /primarystressgramacr-nemacron/ adjective

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