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Main Entry: 1grand
Pronunciation: primarystressgrand
Function: adjective
1 : higher in rank than others of the same class : FOREMOST, PRINCIPAL <the grand champion> <the grand prize>
2 : great in size
3 : including all things being considered : COMPLETE <a grand total>
4 a : marked by magnificence : SPLENDID <a grand coronation ceremony> b : showing wealth or high social standing <the airs of a grand lady>
5 : IMPRESSIVE <made grand statements about our progress>
6 : very good : FINE <grand weather> <have a grand time>
- grandĚly /primarystressgran-(d)lemacron/ adverb
- grandĚness /primarystressgran(d)-nschwas/ noun
synonyms GRAND, MAGNIFICENT, MAJESTIC, GRANDIOSE mean large and impressive. GRAND suggests handsomeness and dignity <the royal wedding was a grand affair>. MAGNIFICENT suggests an appropriate greatness of size that remains dignified and in good taste <a magnificent palace>. MAJESTIC suggests awe-inspiring grandeur or great size <a majestic waterfall>. GRANDIOSE may suggest largeness or greatness but is usually applied to something that is foolishly exaggerated or showy <grandiose plans for world conquest>.

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