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Main Entry: hair
Pronunciation: primarystressha(schwa)r, primarystresshe(schwa)r
Function: noun
1 a : a slender threadlike growth from the skin of an animal; especially : one that usually contains coloring and forms part of the characteristic coat of a mammal b : a covering or growth of hairs of an animal or a body part
2 : a tiny distance or amount <won by a hair>
3 : a threadlike structure that resembles hair <leaf hairs>
- haired /primarystressha(schwa)rd, primarystresshe(schwa)rd/ adjective
- hair·less /primarystressha(schwa)r-lschwas, primarystresshe(schwa)r-/ adjective
- hair·like /-secondarystresslimacrk/ adjective
- in one's hair : annoyingly always in one's presence <can't work with you in my hair all day>
- out of one's hair : out of one's way <stayed out of his hair while he made dinner>
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