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Main Entry: 1hard
Pronunciation: primarystresshärd
Function: adjective
1 : not easily penetrated, cut, or divided into parts : not soft
2 a : high in alcoholic content <hard cider> b : containing substances that prevent lathering with soap <hard water>
3 : stable and high in value and often convertible into gold <hard currency>
4 a : physically fit b : resistant to stress or disease c : free of weakness or defects
5 a : 1FIRM 2a, definite <a hard agreement> b : based on clear fact <hard evidence> c : being thorough, intense, and searching <a hard look> d : lacking sympathy or tender feelings : UNFEELING <a hard heart>
6 a : difficult to endure : HARSH, SEVERE <hard words> <a hard winter> <hard times> b : RESENTFUL 2 <hard feelings> c : STRICT 1, unrelenting <drives a hard bargain> d : physically or mentally difficult <a hard problem> <hard work>
7 : DILIGENT, ENERGETIC <a hard worker>
8 a : sharply or harshly defined or outlined <hard shadows> b : sounding as in cold and geese respectively -- used of c and g
synonyms HARD, FIRM, SOLID mean having a structure that can stand up against pressure. HARD is used of something that does not easily bend, stretch, or dent <steel is hard>. FIRM is used of something that is flexible but also tough or compact <firm muscles> <a firm mattress>. SOLID is used of something that has a fixed structure and is heavy and compact all the way through <a solid wall of bricks>.

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