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Main Entry: horn
Pronunciation: primarystresshodot(schwa)rn
Function: noun
1 : one of the hard bony growths on the head of many hoofed animals (as cattle, goats, or sheep)
2 : a part like an animal's horn
3 : the material of which horns are composed or a similar material
4 : a hollow horn used to hold something <powder horn>
5 : something resembling a horn <saddle horn> <horns of the crescent moon>
6 a : a brass wind instrument (as a trumpet or French horn) b : a device that makes a noise like that of a horn <an automobile horn>
- horned /primarystresshodot(schwa)rnd/ adjective
- hornĚless /primarystresshodot(schwa)rn-lschwas/ adjective
- hornĚlike /-secondarystresslimacrk/ adjective

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