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Main Entry: in·cred·i·ble
Pronunciation: (primarystress)in-primarystresskred-schwa-bschwal
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English incredible "too unusual to be believed," from Latin incredibilis (same meaning), from in- "not" and credibilis "believable," from credere "to believe, trust, entrust" --related to CREDENTIALS, CREDIT, CREED
1 : UNBELIEVABLE <an incredible story>
2 : EXTRAORDINARY <incredible skill>
- in·cred·ibil·i·ty /(secondarystress)in-secondarystresskred-schwa-primarystressbil-schwat-emacron/ noun
- in·cred·i·bly /(primarystress)in-primarystresskred-schwa-blemacron/ adverb

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