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Main Entry: 1inĚdeĚpenĚdent
Pronunciation: secondarystressin-dschwa-primarystresspen-dschwant
Function: adjective
1 : not being controlled or ruled by another : FREE <an independent nation>
2 : not having connections with another : SEPARATE <the same story told by independent witnesses>
3 : having or providing enough money to live on without anyone else's help; also : not having to work for a living <a person of independent means>
4 : not easily influenced <an independent mind>
5 : having full meaning in itself and capable of standing alone as a simple sentence : 2MAIN <an independent clause>
6 : not belonging to a political party
7 : having probabilities such that whether or not one event takes place does not influence whether or not another event takes place <the outcomes of the tossing of two dice are independent>
- inĚdeĚpenĚdentĚly adverb

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