One entry found for insensible.
Main Entry: in新en新i搓le
Pronunciation: (primarystress)in-primarystresssen(t)-sschwa-bschwal
Function: adjective
1 : IMPERCEPTIBLE 1 <insensible motion>
2 a : not endowed with life or spirit : INANIMATE 1 b : 1UNCONSCIOUS 2 <knocked insensible by the accident> c : not able to feel or be aware of using a sense or senses <insensible to pain>
3 : not aware of or caring about something <insensible to fear> <insensible of their danger>
- in新en新i搓il搏暗y /(secondarystress)in-secondarystresssen(t)-sschwa-primarystressbil-schwat-emacron/ noun
- in新en新i搓ly /-primarystresssen(t)-sschwa-blemacron/ adverb

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